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Digital Microscope
Elec. Microscope(1.3M)
Elec. Microscope(2.0M)
Elec. Microscope 2.0M(Metal)
Elec. Microscope (700X)
Eyepieces Microscope(2.0M)
Elec. Otoscope (1.3M)
Elec. Otoscope (2.0M)
Elec. Otoscope 2.0M (Metal)
Elec. Iriscope (1.3M)
Elec. Iriscope 2.0M (Metal)
Elec. Throat Scope(1.3M)
Elec. Dental Scope(1.3M)
UV Elec.  Microscope_A
UV Elec. Microscope_B
NIF Elec. Microscope_A
NIF Elec. Microscope_B
Elec. Polarizer Scope(2.0M)
Video Microscope
Camcorder Reader

News : 700X Digital Microscope is Coming Soon!!

News : Some Model bundle with Software for MAC OS 10.5 / 10.6

A. Support 13 Languages

B.  Unique Calbration Board Designed bundle W/
     WatchView Serial Software

C. LED Adjust / Catch Button

D. Watchview Serial Software

-For Eyepiece (PUK-2002)

-For Otoscope (PUK-2004PROA/PUK-2004PRO)

-For Iriscope (PUK-2005PROA)

-For Dental Scope (PUK-2007)

-For Throat Scope (PUK-2006)

--For Polarizer Scope (PUK-2010)

What is the difference with Polarizer Scope with General One ?