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PPR10 is the fastest transfer rate (5Gbps) model, which takes all ExpressCard 34/54 mm in the market. It’s very powerful reader for ExpressCard like 3G/3.5G cards/ WLAN card/ TV card/ Audio sound card/ SSD ExpressCard/ Sony SxS Pro card/ eSATA/ IEEE1394/ USB3.0 adapter and flash memory adapters…etc. 
It also supports push-push slot for easy insert of Express Cards. A very new model is special design for 2010 announcement.!


PCIe interface compatible with 1.5V, 3.3V and 3.3 AUX PCIe signaling environment. 
Supports all ExpressCard 34/54mm.
Especially supports SONY SxS Pro card.
Sanyo OS-CON Solid Capacitor design.
USB ExpressCard HOT SWAP

System Requirements:

Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista™ and future versions
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 7
Supporting OS
WIN 2000/XP/ Vista/ WIN7
Mac OS 10.1.3 above

System Requirements PC with PCIE slot.



34mm Express Cards
54m Express Cards
SONY SxS Pro Card


PCI Express

PCI Express Transfer rate:

2.5Gbit/sec (5Gbit/sec)